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Affolter Architekten Website

Transformed Affolter Architekten's online presence with a new website and custom CMS for effortless content management. Designing the future of architecture online.

Corporate Website





For Affolter Architekten, a budding architectural firm seeking a straightforward online presence, I developed a custom frontend using TypeScript and fundamental web technologies. This tailored frontend, crafted with precision, provides a seamless and engaging user experience. Leveraging the power of TypeScript enhances the codebase's robustness, ensuring a reliable and efficient frontend.

Complementing this, I created a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) in PHP to empower Affolter Architekten with the ability to effortlessly update and manage their website content. This custom CMS, tailored to their specific needs, allows for easy additions and modifications to showcase their projects, services, and team. The integration of this PHP-based CMS ensures that the architects can maintain an up-to-date and visually compelling single-page website, perfectly reflecting the essence of their company.

Tech stack

In curating the tech stack for Affolter Architekten's website, I carefully selected a combination of TypeScript, HTML, and CSS. TypeScript served as the backbone for the custom frontend, contributing dynamic functionalities that enhance the overall user experience. Meanwhile, the judicious use of HTML and CSS provided the structural foundation and aesthetic styling, ensuring a visually engaging and cohesive design that resonates with the architectural firm's ethos.

Complementing this frontend synergy, I implemented a robust PHP-based Content Management System (CMS). This choice in the backend technology empowers Affolter Architekten with an intuitive platform for effortless content updates. The harmonious integration of TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP not only prioritizes functionality and aesthetics but also aligns seamlessly with the firm's objective of maintaining a modern, visually appealing, and user-friendly online presence.