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Datapot CRM

A tailored CRM system which supports creation, modification and deletion of the data types Person, Company and Christmascards and of many master data types like Salutation, Category and Language. Data can be connected among one another and is processed to be exported to Office 365.

Management Platform








Transitioning from a cumbersome Excel sheet to a tailored CRM system marks a significant upgrade for the client, streamlining contact and company data management. The Excel sheet, previously serving as their primary tool, necessitated regular imports into Outlook for synchronization with Office 365 and, subsequently, their smartphones. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, I developed a custom CRM system leveraging web technologies.

The new CRM system simplifies tasks that were previously labor-intensive. Creating, modifying, and managing contacts and company data is now a breeze, eliminating the manual efforts required in the Excel era. Automation plays a key role, seamlessly exporting data directly into Office 365. This not only saves time but ensures real-time accessibility across devices, eliminating the need for manual imports and synchronization rituals. The transition to this tailored CRM system signifies a leap forward in efficiency, offering a user-friendly interface and, most importantly, freeing up valuable time for more strategic business pursuits.

Tech stack

The tech stack of the CRM system is robust and modern, combining Node.js and TypeScript on the backend for scalable server-side development. MikroORM serves as the Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool, streamlining communication with the SQLite database. This lightweight and embedded database solution offers efficient data management. REST APIs facilitate seamless communication between the backend and the Angular-powered frontend, providing a modular and expressive framework for dynamic user interfaces. The synergy of Node.js, TypeScript, MikroORM, SQLite, REST APIs, and Angular ensures a well-integrated and efficient system, poised to deliver a stellar user experience in managing relationships and data.