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Eventfrog Entry App

Elevate event admission control with Eventfrog's new Entry App: Powered by Ionic, TypeScript, and Ngrx, delivering seamless entry experiences on any device.

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The decision to rebuild the Eventfrog ticket admission control app from Ionic 1 to the Ionic Framework with TypeScript and Ngrx as state management stems from a strategic initiative to modernize and optimize the app's functionality. The shift to the Ionic Framework ensures a more efficient and responsive cross-platform experience, addressing the evolving demands of event admission control. TypeScript's static typing adds a layer of robustness to the codebase, enhancing maintainability and minimizing errors. Additionally, incorporating Ngrx for state management provides a structured and scalable architecture, essential for managing the complexity of ticket control operations. This rebuilding effort aligns with Eventfrog's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, ensuring seamless and reliable admission control at events.

The revamped Eventfrog ticket admission control app introduces innovative features, such as offline admission control and device synchronization, catering to the practical needs of event venues. The offline functionality allows for uninterrupted admission control even in areas with limited connectivity, ensuring a seamless experience for both staff and attendees. The synchronization feature enables multiple devices to work in harmony at the same event venue, enhancing efficiency and coordination among the admission control team. This upgraded app not only represents a technological leap but also emphasizes Eventfrog's dedication to providing adaptable and feature-rich solutions that streamline event operations and elevate the overall event experience.

Tech stack

The Eventfrog Entry App utilizes a powerful tech stack: Ionic Framework with Capacitor, TypeScript, and Ngrx for state management. This combination ensures a seamless cross-platform experience, leveraging Capacitor for native device features. TypeScript enhances code quality, while Ngrx provides a structured architecture for efficient data flow. This tech stack underscores Eventfrog's commitment to a modern, reliable, and feature-rich entry app for streamlined event operations.