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GenderAI: Enhancing communication by classifying names into gender and type, fostering inclusive interactions effortlessly.

Web Tool

Artificial Intelligence




The inception of GenderAI was born out of a genuine need for more inclusive and respectful communication. Faced with the challenge of determining the gender associated with clients' first names, the confusion sparked a quest for a solution that would navigate this sensitive aspect of communication. To address this, I embarked on the development of a sophisticated neural network capable of classifying names not only by gender but also distinguishing between first and last names. The motivation was rooted in fostering a more personalized and considerate interaction, ensuring that emails and communications could be tailored appropriately, respecting the diversity of individuals.

Taking this initiative further, I created a user-friendly web tool where individuals could input names and receive gender and name type classifications based on the neural network's analysis. To sustain the tool's functionality, a credit system was implemented, allowing users to access the service with ease. For extended use, a seamless Stripe integration was introduced, enabling users to purchase additional credits efficiently. GenderAI, therefore, stands as a testament to the power of technology in addressing real-world challenges, promoting respectful communication, and providing a valuable service for individuals seeking clarity in gender-neutral addressing.

Tech stack

GenderAI's tech stack is a powerful fusion of modern technologies. In the frontend, I leverage Angular to deliver a seamless and dynamic user interface. The backend is built on the robust foundation of Node.js and Express, providing a scalable and efficient server-side environment for handling requests. Rest APIs serve as the communication bridge between the frontend and backend, ensuring smooth data flow. The neural network, essential to GenderAI's unique functionality, is powered by Synaptic, adding a layer of intelligence to the system. This carefully crafted tech stack reflects GenderAI's commitment to cutting-edge solutions, offering a reliable and innovative platform for gender and name type classification.