I build tailored software
for the web.

From informative websites
to engaging mobile apps
to large scale web application systems. I build your next software project for the web.
From architecture to building to testing to integration.

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With extensive experience and year-long involvement in modern web software engineering, I am your ideal partner for conceptualizing, building, testing and integrating your next software project for the web.

I offer codebase audits and web consulting, to improve your existing software products and to aid you in forming decisions in all things web and web development.

Tailored Management Platforms

I build tailored web platforms to manage any kind of data in an intuitive and user friendly way. DNP, CDP, CMS, CRM, ERP or fully custom management solutions. You name it, I can build it.

By analysing your business needs and building a custom management system, there are virtually no limits on what can be achieved.

No third party solutions that are costly to integrate and maintain or require expensive external personnel. My solutions are thoroughly thought through, extensible, tested and documented. You stay flexible and own the software code to do with it as you please.


I build your new website from an existing design or create a fitting design myself. I connect it to a modern CMS system or any existing or new management system and set it up on your servers or your webspace. I will consult you in choosing a good domain name and assist in obtaining a webspace or managed cloud server.

An informative and attractive website with good user experience is your most important marketing instrument. It gives your business identity and credibility and makes your company and your services visible and accessible to your audience.

Mobile Apps

I build your cross-platform mobile app to your specifications.

Mobile apps which tap into the data of new or existing management systems are a modern approach to improve any aspect your business. Refine the workflow of your employees or create communication channels with your clients or customers. Unlimited possibilities.

Connected Systems

I build custom systems consisting of websites, mobile apps and management systems. That way, your data is located in one central place, instead of scattered across multiple systems and platforms.

The power of your data should be harnessed for your business success. Good structured data is key to gaining valuable information from it. Don't let chaos in your data reduce your potential.


Do you need more manpower in your project?

I can temporarily support you and your team! With my experience in JavaScript technologies combined with my knowledge in project management, requirements engineering and other branches of business informatics, I can help you in bringing your project up to speed, to meet your next deadline.

Codebase Audits

I analyse and audit existing codebases, developed by your internal or external partners. With focus on maintainability and overall code quality I write an extensive report on possibilities on how to improve and on what to keep an eye on in the future.

Software code can get complex and confusing very fast. Developers are often blind to their own shortcomings, which makes it vulnerable. This is why periodic code audits are a must to keep your software maintainable and to prevent your code from bringing your business to a halt.

Web Consulting

Nobody can be an expert in everything.

Let me be your expert in all things web and web software and aid you in making your next critical decision.

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About me

I am Michel Wehrli, a swiss software engineer.

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With 10 years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and integrating software, I am your ideal partner in realizing your next software product.

Beginnings and apprenticeship

I started my software engineering journey in middle school, where I teached myself the basics of programming, operating systems and information technology in general. My first website in basic HTML and CSS was created during that time.

This sparked my fascination for IT and my dedication, to take on a 4 year apprenticeship as a computer scientist with specialization in software engineering. Besides a lot of IT basics, I learned more about software engineering and programming languages during that time.

My focus while at the office was C#, WPF and YAML. But during my free time I created Websites for friends and family with PHP, JavaScript and Wordpress and expanded my knowledge in software engineering for the web.

Agency experience

After my apprenticeship I started a Job at a web agency in Zürich. There I learned more about web programming, namely JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS, and about conceptualizing and developing corporate websites for renowned Swiss companies.

My enthusiasm for front-end web engineering was sparked! I was motivated to start larger scale software projects in my spare time. Hacking on side projects contributed to a large degree to the experience and broad knowledge I have today.

During that time I started to study business informatics parallel to work. I learned all the aspects needed to lead IT projects to success and successfully completed my studies at the end of 2019.


In 2020 I desired to change jobs to work on a product instead. This appealed more to me, because building and improving a single product suite to fit a market is more challenging to me, than building several websites per year, which probably do not have as much of an impact.

I achieved my goal by landing a job at Eventfrog as a front-end and hybrid app engineer.

Eventfrog's goal is to revolutionize the event ticketing market by offering a self-service ticketing platform, funded by ads and a tier model. There I had the opportunity, to deepen my SPA framework knowledge, mainly in Angular, and my hybrid mobile app skills in Ionic.

I was, among other things, involved in


During all the years and the different challenges, my desire to be self-employed was growing. I function best in fast-paced environments with responsibility on my shoulders, when there is something at stake. A regular employment cannot offer me this most of the time.

This is why you are able to contract me as a versatile and battle-proofed software engineer today, which knows how to create user-friendly, robust, maintainable and scalable software solutions.


Atwood's Law states, that "Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript".

I support this hypothesis.

JavaScript enables good user experience on the internet. It is accessible for everyone, runs in every browser on any computer and smartphone. Secure by default, no installation needed.

This is why JavaScript and the technologies that emerged from it, like TypeScript, SPA frameworks and Node.js, are in my opinion the most important development that has happened to software engineering in the last three decades.

I solely rely on technologies that emerged from JavaScript, when building software.


The front-end of a web application are the parts, which are executed within a browser. Either on a computer or on a smartphone. Users can interact with it and it loosely connects via so called APIs to the back-end, to fetch data from and sends data to it.

In the front-end Angular, React and Vue.js are some of the technologies I use.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps can be built with multiple technologies. Either native Apps in Java/Kotlin for Android or Objective-C/Swift for iOS. Native apps have the downside, that they have to be built twice. Once for each operating system.

Because I use JavaScript technologies, I use Ionic Framework, React Native or NativeScript instead, which are so called hybrid app frameworks.

The biggest advantage of these frameworks is, that only one app needs to be built to support both iOS and Android. You are able to cut your timely and costly needs in half and only need one team to maintain the app.

Well made hybrid apps are indistinguishable from native apps. Some well known hybrid apps are Gmail, Uber, Facebook or Instagram.

Web server

As web server technology I use Nginx or Apache and Linux as operating system, depending on the available server.

For Node.js process management I use pm2.

For scalable back-ends I use Kubernetes.


The back-end is the part on a web application, which is executed on a server. It computes data, reads and writes to databases and is responsible to do things, that can not or should not be done in the front-end. Like, for example, user authentication.

In the back-end I use JavaScript/TypeScript as well. Here these languages are used within Node.js, which is a runtime environment, that can execute JavaScript like a Browser.

As a Node.js framework I use NestJS or "plain" Node.js with Express.js.

Node.js headless CMS' I use are Strapi and Ghost. The choice on which CMS to use varies between use cases.


To use relational database systems is the first choice for me. With SQL-like systems data relations can be depicted within the database structure, which makes the data more rigid. But if the use cases dictates it, I use key-value databases (noSQL) as well.

I rely on ORMs (Object-relational mapper) like Prisma, MikroORM or TypeORM.
Theses ORMs can manage a diverse range of databases, like SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis and more.

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